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Posted On : Sun, Feb 18, 2018
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What are Micro Services - Part 1

Nowadays we are listening about this term on most sites or tech environment. And I see some bloggers or technical writers are writing it with SOA (service-oriented architecture) concept. And relating to the new approach or some silver bullets to solve the complex problems in IT sector.

But I think we can understand it with a simple problem or can map with our childhood academic books examples or by daily routine approaches.

Suppose a farmer has some acres farming land and he wants to grow the crop of tomatoes and wheat.

So, first of all, he needs to take knowledge about soil and water availability, that area climate and labor.

So now there are 6 essentials part of farming

  1. Which land is good for which crop and which labor person will focus on which crop and decide when need water or check up on seeds and plant.
  2. Check soil, it is good for cropping of tomatoes wheat or not.
  3. Water availability, how much need for water and how many times we need to give and for what type crop.
  4. Area Climate, need to have good guessed or possibility about weather changes during crop time period.
  5. Required equipment and tools.
  6. Labor, most important part to get the best cropping from same field area.

If the farmer has lack of any part, can‘t get required result or good cropping.

Now we come to our point (Microservices) :

Following is the architecture of microservices.

As we can understand from the complete word, to split a complete job or work or task or system in a small part and give them full rights to perform their responsibilities.

So if we break a problem in small jobs then performer of their jobs, will have the complete cycle to get done that job and how to execute them and finally merged all services job in single work.

In tech universe, are available different type front end and back end interactions like the mobile phone with many operating systems or communicating ways and web browsers or smart sensors and internal machinery (in the manufacturing industry) also all can have communication between each other too.

And our system will have to provide service to all interactions. As we have defined farming requirement above, in the same way, we need to understand exact essential parts like, technology, hardware, communication techniques, security aspects and optimistic ways. Like we can check the balance and current activated plan of our mobile number many times in a day.

So service provider company need to develop a parallel and async system which can handle many requests. And the system will work for ad-hoc requests because it is not a continuous requirement from a single man. And another part is, provide internet which continues service.

So finally service provider company have to develop a system for above requirement and need to split their services in small jobs one is for checking balances and activated plans, the second one is for providing internet. If they provide service for both jobs from a single server and same type configurations, so definitely it will not work perfectly because both jobs are different. So they need to split their system services as per jobs and will have to make fully responsible for their jobs.

So just in a single statement, split a system as per providing services and define the responsibility of them for small works.

In next part, I will write for a complete tech system and their jobs and role of micro-services.

Thank you reading my thoughts